The Zoning Officer for Loganville Borough is Edward Lehman, who is also the
Zoning Officer for Springfield Township.   Applications for Zoning Permits and Building
Permits are available below and from Edward Lehman are and processed through
Edward Lehman.

Zoning Permits:  A zoning permit is required for the placement or construction of all structures except  fences and temporary signs.  Detached accessory structures under 1,000 square feet for single family  homes and decks less than 30 inches high off the ground for any home only need zoning permits. 

Building Permits:  Improvements like house additions, attached garages, pools and hot tubs 2 feet deep and deeper, decks that are 30 inches or more high off the ground, new or upgraded electric service, and remodeling that includes any wall, beam, window opening, or door opening structural changes require Building Permits.  Building Permits pertain to construction codes and are issued and administered by Code Administrators, Inc. (CAI). 

Building Code Official and Construction Code Official:  Code Administrators Inc (CAI) 755-9120, conducts building plan reviews and inspections for Building Permits on behalf of Loganville Borough.  Building Permit fees vary based on the size and type of improvement and the inspections required.

Loganville Zoning Map
Loganville Zoning Application
Loganville CAI Commercial Application
Loganville CAI Residential Application

All forms are in PDF format.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.